Node Lock license for different Users

For the “Node-Locked” Option.

Do we know what happens when ‘User A’ connects to the VM and execute a process and ‘User B’ tries to connect to the VM (Attended Bot) to kick-off a different process?

I assume the ‘Bot Node’ gets locked and will not let ‘User B’ execute their process until the process executed by ‘User A’ is complete and the Node is released.

But what kind of message or warning will ‘User B’ get? How would they know when to connect back to check if the Node has been released?

I would hate to tell the users that they should keep trying every few minutes.

Does the Attended Bot has an option to put users in a Queue and let them know when their turn comes up?

Thank you.

First of all, if user B connects to the same VM, he will see the process which is started by user A and moreover it will disconnect user A from the VM. There is no way to stop the user B to connect to VM when User A is using that.

Yes, it’s called Attended Concurrent User: