Nobody work with Telegram Bot Before?

Hey everyone,

I m still learning coding but its still hard to create automation without user friendly activities for me.

So, i m trying to create a Telegram bot, it won’t be a chatbot, just send messages to the designated group only.

I Found this package :

And this project’s Github link:
And Guidence of project’s link :

But i don’t know how to invoke (i mean which activity) this codes like this :

using Telegram.Bot;

var botClient = new TelegramBotClient("{YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN_HERE}");

var me = await botClient.GetMeAsync();
Console.WriteLine($"Hello, World! I am user {me.Id} and my name is {me.FirstName}.");

By the way i have created my own Telegram chatbot from BotFather, my HTTP based API is ready to use,

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Nobody knows? :frowning:

did you find any thing?
i’m lookking for the same project