No widgets in Assistant using Assistant Automation Ops policy

Hi all,

Running 21.4 and have published a couple of Apps in Automation Cloud, and have created and deployed a policy in Automation Ops for my user to be allowed to use Widgets in Assistant.

In Assistant, I use interactive sign-in, and the user is assigned an Attended license in Orchestrator.

Also, all users in my organisation is permitted to access the Apps per the settings in the Apps.


In Assistant, no Widgets are visible at all. I have signed in and out, quit the Assistant altogether and restarted, rebooted, walked the dog and everything else imaginable. Still no widgets.

Any ideas out there?


Hi @jjes,

It should show if your user is allocated attended mode license under users profile as shown below:


Can you confirm this is how it is?


Thanks @sonaliaggarwal47, I’ll check on that and get back with results :slight_smile:


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You also may check these aspects:

  1. Check in Settings if the Assistant version is correct

  1. Check if the policy didn’t expire and if the widgets are enabled

  1. In the end deploy the Assistant policy in Deployment



Let us know if this helped.