No unattended tuntimes assigned

Hello Greetings, I wanted to know if someone has presented this error, if you can provide me with a solution I would greatly appreciate it.


Welcome to the community

You have to first create a machine and assign unattendedlicense to it

Also provide a robot role



I already have the machine created, pointed to QA


Can you got to Tenants->License and check if you have the required number of unattended license and also that was not consumed

Also, you have created machine using a Machine template

Hope this may help you



You will have unattended option did you give a number more than zero there?


when assigning unattended license it generates the following error.


Do you have multiple tenants?

As it shows 0 licenses are available and to your machine no unattended license is assigned

Can you please try clearing cache and reopen adminand check

The licenses are being shown as 0 of 2 but when you give 1 it ahould not throw that error