No UiRobot to connect to

Hi I am trying to connect robots to the uirobot and to the robot assistant but when i try to log into the assistant it says “no robot configured for the current user” and when i try and use the ui robot it is not installed for me to use? can I have help please

Hi @aquinn ,

Is robot created on Orchestrator ?

They are but one is disconnected and one is unresponsive, see attached

Then connect your Orchestrator first from Assistant with Service URL or with machine key.

I cannot connect it by logging into the assistant as it comes up with this:

Is below settings enabled for you

Hi, where would this setting pane be?

Check the above screenshot you will get it.

Click Settings then Security

I cannot see it

I am still getting the no configuration error message even though I have ticked this box

The robot that you have configured make sure domain/username should be correct and the password should be same as your window password.

Type in cmd who am i to check the details

This matches but i cannot use uirobot as i do not have it installed