No UI is displayed for running processes

No UI is displayed for running processes

Version: 2019.10.4

System: Windows 10

Installation path: default (previously installed to drive E)

Process content: Open the browser for login.

After the process starts, there is a UI icon in the taskbar, but no window information is displayed (no browser is opened, but the log shows that login failed).

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From the description it looks like the browser has not opened and since it failed the robot timeout at the login sequence as it could not find the elements (username, password)

You can check what went wrong by reading the log file or checking logs in orchestrator.

I think it might be your browser extension which failed. Can’t troubleshoot it without having more information.

  1. Did your sequence work in debug ?
  2. Does the Open Browser activity have correct inputs?
  3. Is your bowser extension installed for the particular browser ?

Internet Explorer is used, and no plug-in is required.

Whether to isolate the session from the Window system

Ok In that case I recommend you do not use IE. It is outdated and soon to be deprecated by Microsoft in about 8 months.

Try changing your browser to Edge (Chromimum) or Chrome and test your automation. Also do check your automation using debug to see where it fails and study the logs.

I am not sure what you mean by

Session 0 isolation mechanism for Windows services