No transition to other state after hotkey detection

Trying to write a state machine that transitions from State 1 to State 2 based on a hotkey.
The transition linking the two states has a “trigger” that is configured to listen for a hotkey combination. I can successfully detect the hotkey, do a popup, etc, but then the execution goes back to the same original state, instead of State 2 where the transition points to. The exit branch of State1 is also not triggered.

I must be missing something fundamental about the state machines, but a few hours of searching and forum reading did not help.

I tried:

  • to leave the “condition” empty in the transition
  • to enter simply “true” without quotes
  • to enter a obvious statement like “1” = “1” or a boolean variable that previously I set to true, like myVar=true

Nothing worked. No matter what, after the trigger detection, the logic remains in the first state, and does not transition.
Help, or pointer to some good training material welcome!

The reason a state won’t transition is usually because both (or all) of the conditions are not met. Try logging the value of the variable that you are making the decision on to double check that it is being created and referenced correctly.