No Transaction Data remove log level info

My problem is pretty simple, I have an idle robot that check in the orchestrator queue every 5s if there is a new transaction available. Everything works fine, but now I am looking to optimize logs as I have an “info level line : No Transaction Data” everytime the getQueueItem return empty transactionItem.
I try to put the getQueueItem activity in private, but it’s not changing anything,

Is there a way to remove this “No Transaction Data” log ?
During low day I can have around 5000 line only for this…

Many thanks for help.

I would be also very interested in deactivating this log information. Does UiPath support this function?

Any update on this subject? I to have this problem and I am very intrested in a solution, if anyone has one.

As a workaround try with GetQueueItems (notice the plural), limit it to status New and Top 1. If returned IEnumerable has anything, i.e. items.Any() returns true, use GetTransactionItem. Otherwise just wait and loop.
You might still want to log something from time to time, so you know robot isn’t just hanging there.