No stop after for queue based triggers

I have a scenario where I need to stop processing the transactions in my queue after a specific time of the job run(Client group policy wont allow to run the session more than 20hours due to some security reasons). Is there a way to achieve this using Queue based triggers in the [orchestrator]?
I know this is a straight forward thing for the time based triggers(We can use stop after) but for queue based triggers I didn’t see the stop after option.

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Are you using Cloud or Enterprise Orchestrator ?

I am using Community Cloud Orchestrator and I can see this stop option for Queue based trigger also.

If you don’t have that option then you need to upgrade Orchestrator if possible. Else you implement that logic in your process itself by checking process running more than 20 hours or not.

I am using the enterprise version (Orchestrator 2020.10.9).
I was implementing the login in code level but Its really a useful option to get stop after in queue based triggers. May be most update version might have this I am not sure about that.

Yes this feature was added in the latest version.

Oh okay thanks for the update @lakshman

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