No response of AI Fabric

All three methods from:“AI Fabric not enabled - #6 by Jeremy_Tederry” have been tried, but still can’t access the AI Fabric, and after click the button, the website can’t response

Hi @shiyangmei_seu
This error looks more like a networking issue, could you tell us what you see on console for this?
Are you under any firewall that could block you for getting access to it?

Other points you may check:

  • What are you permissions (go to Orchestrator and check your permissions on ML Logs, ML Skills, ML packages)?
  • How many AI robots did you allocate to the tenant?
  • Is the tenant you want to reach actually ymAI?


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Thanks your suggestion, reminding me the firewall. Indeed it is blocked by the firewall
After turning off the firewall, AI Fabric Menu appears. Thanks!

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