No Response for access to Data labelling in UIPATH insider

I have requested access to Document Understanding - data Manager (data labelling) twice through the insider portal and I have heard nothing back .

I am currently trying to build a robust DU Framework that I can showcase in work next week and without the data labeling I am unable to build the required model that I need.

Really need some urgent help on this.
Have contacted support but just been moved from Billy to Jack .

Hi Caroline - Sincere apologies for the delay! We recently started limiting admittance to the private preview due to resource reasons, but the request form was left open by accident. I’ve gone ahead and enabled the feature for you and granted you access to the private preview in the Insider Portal. Please feel free to reach out to at anytime with questions.

As you start to dive into the feature for this project, our team would love to hear your feedback about the experience. Easily raise bugs/feature suggestions/questions on the Insider Portal.

Best Regards,

Ryan (Insider Team)

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