No process on robot tray?

Robot tray usually shows process list, but today I see none. Job runs fine on schedule and manual.
I’m using Uipath 8.0


Could you please restart uipath service and system and then check once.

When i disconect uipath robot to orchestrator, the processes appear. Can u show me detail about how to “restart uipath service and system”


If your machine connected to Orchestrator then you won’t find published packages in your machine and same you will find in Orchestrator only.

Go to start and type services.msc and it will show list of all services in your machines. You can find uirobot services here and select that one and restart it.

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Yes, it’s suposed to show all process in orchestrator when connected.
And in services.msc I didnot find uirobot services. Any idea?

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Hi guys,
I’m also facing the same issue as the subject topic.
My versions are community edition 18.1.4 & 19.1.0.
As I’m aware there is a new version release but I don’t think it is related to version upgrade.

I’m suspecting there is a service outage for packages feed. Perhaps someone from UiPATH can confirm my suspicion.

  1. Attempt to start the process in my remote machines - SUCCESS
  2. Attempt to update the parameters to a process - FAILED
  3. Attempt to remove ‘inactive’ packages (spring clean) - FAILED.
  4. Restarted Remote machine UIRobot Services - Processes still missing from the tray list.

Here is a screenshot when I tried to update some parameters to my packages in the Orchestrator platform.

Suddenly it’s normal again :slight_smile:

Problem came back again. Must be something general right? Have yours been working since?

Yes, it’s ok for a few hours. But there’re other problem when detecting new version