No option to upgrade unattended robot in installer?

I am trying to upgrade an unattended robot from 19.10.2 to 21.4.4.

I downloaded the studio msi from and ran it.

After pressing upgrade, the install options do not list unattended robot as an option:

How can I upgrade the unattended robot without installing studio or assistant? The text on the right even mentions unattended robot as an option but it’s not in the list.

“Unattended” in the scope of the installer is merely an install configuration template if you will.
The important aspect when dealing with unattended is “Service Mode.” the rest is up to your preferences.

How can I upgrade the unattended robot without installing studio or assistant?

The assistant is part of the Robot, so it will be installed either way.
The installation details might be referring to the selection at an earlier screen, but I need to check the spec in case of upgrades.

Hi Quentin,

There is no earlier screen other than the licence agreeement.

Are you saying that I should choose assistant and it will upgrade the service-mode robot successfully?


Yes that is what I am suggesting indeed.
What is the currently installed version by the way?

Currently it’s 19.10.2. It looks from screenshots in the documentation that the installer changed a lot between 21.4.0 and 21.4.4 as installation screens for 21.4.0 do have the unattended robot option.

I suspect this is what happens upon upgrade.
Here is a screenshot of 22.4.3 when going for a fresh install:

That’s the kind of thing I was hoping to see when running the 21.4.4 installer to do this upgrade. I’ve gone with the assistant option, which took around ten minutes to install for some reason. Hopefully that worked. I’ll find out after this reboot.

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It is now reporting the correct robot version in Orchestrator so hopefully we’re good.


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