No Option for cloning folder at cloud orchestrator..?

Can the feture for cloning a folder at cloud orchestrator be included?

Currently i am doing it manually which is painful and time consuming.

Hello @Mohit_Sagar1, I’d say you could follow one of the steps below:

  1. Feedback and Feature Request: Reach out to UiPath’s support or community forums and provide feedback on the need for a feature to clone folders in Orchestrator. They may consider adding it in future updates based on user demand.
  2. Orchestrator API: UiPath Orchestrator provides a REST API that allows you to automate various tasks, including folder management. You can explore the Orchestrator API documentation and create custom scripts or workflows to automate the cloning of folders programmatically.
  3. Custom Automation: If you are unable to use the Orchestrator API, you can create a custom automation using UiPath Studio to mimic the folder cloning process. This may involve automating the manual steps you take to clone the folder.
  4. Third-Party Integrations: Look for third-party tools or integrations that may provide the functionality to clone folders in UiPath Cloud Orchestrator. Some integrations may offer additional features not available in the standard UiPath Orchestrator.
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Does anyone has the script to clone the orchestrotr folder