"No open windows found for 'msedge.exe'. Please check if the application is running." after Edge solution has been deployed on Production

hi Team,

We have migrated one the project to Edge which was running earlier on IE, after the deployment we are getting the below mentioned issue.

We have 3 VDI’s, but we are getting this issue only one VDI, we have checked all the setting of Edge but didn’t find any difference, if anybody have faced a similar issue, request you to help me here.


@harshavardhan3457 Is this issue occuring after running the bot in edge

is this issue occurring when bot is trying to open Edge browser or attach ?

yes, after the job is triggered we are getting this issue.

At the time of launching the web application through edge we are getting this issue.

For which activity this error occurs?

  1. Open Browser
  2. Attach Browser

Thank you guys for your support

I have found that actual reason for this error, there was some issue in the target application so that was opening in IE only so the code was pointing to the Edge so we have got that issue.

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