No open windows found for 'chrome.exe'. Please check if the application is running. Error

Hi All,

I am constantly getting error as No open windows found for ‘chrome.exe’. Please check if the application is running after 300 Transaction Item due to which my selectors are failing. Till 200-300 this error is not there , once the bot runs for longer duration, its throwing error as “No open windows found for ‘chrome.exe’. Please check if the application is running.”

Hi @marina.dutta ,

Did you handled the exception in your project?
If not then try to use TRY CATCH in your process

Vinit Mhatre


May be the application is not responding or going into stale after long time…one workaround you can try is to logout and login after 200 transactions or so so that the application would be active again



What check should I put after 200 transactions for log in and log out? Need to put some conditions.

Hey @marina.dutta

Further to @Anil_G’s suggestion. How about every 50 transactions?

In ‘Get Transaction Data’ state but before ‘GetTransactionStatus’ (this is still at highest level in the framework) insert the following:
Step 1:
Insert IF activity

Step 2:
Insert the Condition

Insert: ‘CloseAllApplications.xaml’
then Insert ‘InitAllApplications.xaml’

Do nothing.

Step 3:
Click Import argument and remap the arguments.

If you want every 100 insert the condition:

You should make this value a Config Asset so you can adjust accordingly.




check if the transactionnumber is 200 or less than 200 …if yes move forward if no then logout and login



I am getting this error for 49 transaction also. I think some issue with chrome installation ?


Then do one thing…whenever you see that error first try to relogin and retry the transaction that should solve as well



I have dome similar step. Just kept one Check App state . If element is visible do the Get Attribute otherwise in the Else part added login to application and Get Attribute It worked

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