No more transaction data issue


I am designing my flow in re framework where i am taking some values from the web application through API and then keeping those values in a excel sheet . i have made that excel sheet as my Transaction data here but i am always getting this error that process finished due to no more transaction data. I checked the data in excel sheet. There is data in excel sheet and it is properly exported to data table i.e. Transaction Data that i am using here. What could be the issue? Please guide me .



place a log message and check the rows count, also did you change the out_Transactionitem argument - queue item to Datarow?



yes i already did this. the issue was still there . actually the issue was due to the condition that i put in get transaction data block. I modified that and it is working now. @Srini84. Thank you for your quick response.

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now the issue is that i have set out_TransactionItem as nothing in else block of get transaction data block but my flow is not getting stopped even after processing on all the data . What could be the issue?