No more Development robots available. Please update your license! (#1900) Error Message

In the Orchestrator for Developers module, i was able to connect to orchestrator successfuly.
Now I want to publish a package from UiPath Studio to Orchestrator, but when I choose type Studio (for development) I get the following error message:

In my license I have 0 out of 0 Studio, and when I want to configure the licenses I can only edit:
Studio Pro

Any help would be highly appreciated.


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You can use Studio Pro and give Type as Studio Pro

Hope this helps


There isnt a way to use a Studio robot?


Can you check which studio version are you using?

You can check the difference between studio pro and studio from below

either uses same assistant

Hope this helps you


I have version 2020.4.3
I used Studio Pro Robot and it worked with Studio, Thank you so much!!!

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