No monthly reports being generated

I’m currently working through level 3 assignment 2 and after the issues with the acme-test site earlier in the week i’m having a problem with it not generating the CSV files for the Download monthly report. I have tried resetting my test data multiple times and have tested every WI4 entry that is generated

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Buddy @Gworkman

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12hours back we had a similar issue been discussed here in forum regarding this
yes there is some issue with acme as of now and is getting rectified by the uipath team buddy, this was the final mention in that thread

So kindly please wait for few more hours and this will rectified for sure buddy @Gworkman
for your convenience you can raise even reachout the support team buddy

for more info of this thread here you go
ACME system1 Level3 advanced training- assignment-2, unable to download monthly report - #12 by V3Tandon

Cheers buddy hope this would help you

Buddy it seems like its working now in UK
Kindly try once buddy and let know
Cheers @Gworkman

@Palaniyappan I came back to it this morning and I’m still not getting any of the monthly reports to generate for any of the WI4 entries

yah it again got some issues back buddy @Gworkman