No matching constructor found on type 'System.Activities.Activity' error


I’m getting the below compilation error when trying to run the workflow which reads emails using GetIMAPMailMessage activity. Used For Each activity with IF condition “Item.Subject.Contains(” mysearchtext")". Please help. Attaching the error for reference.

What is your UiPath Studio version?
What is your UiPath.System.Activities version?
What is your project compatibility?

Studio version 2022.12.0
UiPath.System.Activities version 22.10.4
Compatibility i have chosen is windows

Can you install an UiPath.System.Activities version (prerelease) that is matching your UiPath Studio version and retry?

I have already installed the latest version 22.10.4. Studio version is 2022.12.0

Can you please provide a screenshot of your workflow?
Show the dependencies.
Show the Imap properties tab.

Issue is now resolved, I tried uninstalling and installing the studio

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