"no input sources"

Ive been having an issue with my bots, “no input sources” showing on the main.xaml within the studio UI

Theres nothing wrong with the bots, and when i run them without debug they work perfectly.

Whats casuing this ? Doesnt matter if its a brand new project or an active project. I cant seem to find a solution. Its preventing me from publishing.

Hi @Zak_Cooper,

Can you please open that main file & show case or it would be better if you can share main.xaml.

Main.xaml (3.1 KB)

hi @shivagowdavarad , sorry for the delay. ive uploaded the main file.

Hi @Zak_Cooper,

The attached main file has no error or data either.
Please attach your complete file by zipping, so that we can rectify the issu.

PublishTest.zip (12.1 KB)

Hi @shivagowdavarad , attached is the project folder. Thank you for looking into this.

I’m not getting any errors!

Hmm i wonder if this is more an issue with the installation then.Ill try a full re-install and report back.

Its still strange that the bots run when ran “without debugging”, and as you see in that test project theres no activities to even cause an issue.