No feedback on Partner Agreement in the US

Our German company branch is already a registered (silver) partner. Since the User conference in Las Vegas we’ve been trying to get a partner agreement here in the US, but the contacts we had with UiPath were let go in the lay-offs.

We filled out the online partner request forms … no reply.
Phone numbers from UiPath people we met in Las Vegas … no reply.

We have two opportunities with potential clients coming up and are not able to register them either.

Does anyone have an active partner manager in Texas or the Southern US that we could connect to?

Thanks in advance!

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@loginerror @Pablito, Please have a look at this post :slight_smile:

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Hi @ChrisHeiler,
Thanks for contacting with us. Let me route this to proper team. I will let you know once I will have any information.

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Chris, I just sent you an email with follow up. Please respond with your availability this week. Regards, Bojana