No Error in multiple Select Item if Item is not there

Hi All,

There is web application in which I am trying to automate , scenario I need to select one value from multiple selection box. I am able select to item if required item is there but if item not there I am not getting any exception, I need to have any exception or message so that I can know particular item is not there in the list.

I need urgent help on this topic…!!

Thanks in advance

have you tried selecting each item individually, like for each item, use select activity so that it will select the value individually, which will throw the error if you don’t have that in the drop down

Hi there @AMAN_GUPTA. you could surround the activity in a try catch and throw an exception if i certain outcome is or isnt met

If its not throwing an exception, after select item, use get text at that field, if the item you mentioned is same as get text value, then continue or else you can throw an exception