No error in 'Calculate Client Security Hash' still getting 0/100

I am getting no error in the assignment. All the status were changed to Completed.

Still getting this error “total items:17 Completed items: 17 Correct items: 0”

This is so frustrating. I have attached two snaps where you can see my bot is generating the same output as me when I insert info manually. Please help!!!


bot: see transaction no 1

check whats the status! is it still in open or complete?

@Pradeep_Shiv All the W15 status are completed. I checked

are you resetting the data before uploading?

@Pradeep_Shiv Yes, I did. Then ran the whole project, zipped the project folder and uploaded it. Am I missing anything? What about the Assignment name? Does it something to do with my case?

that does’nt matter!
you are good!

@Pradeep_Shiv I don’t see what else can I do to pass the exam. This is so frustrating. Please let me know if you can think of anything that I might miss here. Thank you

are you passing the same credentials?

@Pradeep_Shiv yes. I am getting this following comment after submission
“total items: 17, completed: 17, correct: 0”.

If the credentials are not matched, I think it wouldn’t be able to identify how many items were completed. Right?

@Pradeep_Shiv After submitting the assignment, if I refresh the page to see if the assignment is validated, is it a problem?

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no it’s not a problem!

@Pradeep_Shiv Can you check my workflow? I am getting no clue from yesterday

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please send!

Can I have your email ID?

I sent you the project folder… Please check. Thank you

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