No Enterprise Trial Code in Welcome Email?

Which link should we click to get the trial. The download links start the setup downloading, where the sign up link launches the academy…:thinking:

Hi @urweeraratne,
Refer below URL


@arivu96 I have requested to download the trial through above link. I received the welcome mail with above links. But still I am unable figure from where to find the trial code.

From there click here for activation link will be there can u check @urweeraratne

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@arivu96, thanks for your help. Finally found the link. When I clicked the link to view the email as web page, I could get the trial code on web page. Thanks alot for the support.!

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@ovi Hi, I have the same problem, could you please help me? Thanks in advance !

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I have the same problem as the above.

Please help

Kind Regards

Please go to your email and click the link as indicated on a screenshot below:

Your code will be displayed on a webpage.

I will close this topic because this screenshot was posted enough times already and the solution is well established :slight_smile:


Hi @loginerror,

Really you have saved me that i was wondering to find the trial code. But I have a suggestion. Why don’t you put the trial code in below “Download the UiPath Plateform” after the text of Trial Code. It makes so much confusing. If we don’t have this thread. It is so hard to find the trial Code. But anyway thank you @loginerror

Thank you

I think it is there most of the time. The only case it can be missing is when the service that returns the code was too slow and it didn’t make it into the email :sweat_smile:
Another case, however, can be that a Trial code was already requested for that domain and is already expired.

In the case of the latter, it is always possible to contact our licensing support to resolve the issue.

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