No Data Source Confirmation On Word Activities

Why there no data source confirmation when i’m using Word Application Scope Activities?
In normal way, when i open the word document, there will be a confirmation for the data source, coz my Word Document have a connection data source to MS Excel, the confimation will looks like this.

But when i use Word Application Scope Activities there no confirmation like above. Please help. THank u.
Best Regard,

Try to run in debug mode and check if you see that pop-up @Felix.Effendi

I did, and there’s no confirmation too. also i did in run mode, but there’s still nothing

So fi the pop-up doesn’t show still your process is getting completed or there is any error? @Felix.Effendi

the process still running until it completed, and there’s no error, but when i checked the files that have been processed by UiPath, there’s nothing change for the data. Btw thank u for your support.

Any other suggestion, @Parth_Doshi?? Really need help.