No connection to IE/Chrome problem on Server 2008r2

I have in the last time problems with the bots and the connect to Internet Explorer or/andChrome, so the process always crashes.

Currently I am using 2019.4.4

The messages look like this as an example for the IE message:

Open Browser: Cannot communicate with Internet Explorer browser.<

Currently I only noticed the problems on the server2008r2 (I have to wait for the new servers :frowning: )

Have any were a idea to solve this problem?



make sure that your website is added to TRUSTED SITES in your browser
for that go to setting and click on security and in trusted sites add that website and restart your browser and uipath studio and try once
Cheers @PeterTo

Thanks for your idea. I will test this with the IE. But I think the option has no effect on chrome…or?

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hope that would work either
Cheers @PeterTo

Hello, after a week of test is the situation better but not perfct.
Any idea?