i don’t know what is the issue

I’m assuming you moved/copied the click activity to another application/browser card but it seems to still be taking the reference of the old one. You may try to delete the selector details of your click activity and re-capture your selector, but the simplest solution may be just delete and add a new click activity. If still having issues please submit your xaml file

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Hello @Soudios

The ui activity should be inside the application scope and if you change the scope to different one it can fail the activity.

Make sure the click ui element is present in the same scope container.

If not please inspect on the element and take the selector again.

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i create a application/browser and inside i use invoke workflow to continue the process but when i do what you said it doesnt work, i have an issue that i need to put the UI click Activity inside a application/browser again

it inside an application scope but if i use invoke workflow and add UI click inside without the application scope it doesnt work

If you are invoking workflow can you add application scope inside that workflow and use click activity inside of it. Then t will work.

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if i do that i will create a new url and i don’t need that i want to do like classic acrivities by using just one time the application scope browser not at every invoke workflow

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