No Available Processes Shown

I have a bot setup which is connected to orchestrator. Suddenly today I noticed that there are no processes available shown. I can still run the bot from Orchestrator just not directly from the Robot. Is there something I am missing?

were we referring to the right machine and its robot tray if that machine is connected to a orchestrator and has a process that can be executed
kindly check that once
if its the right machine kindly refresh once the robot tray and try once
kindly check in the folder C:\ProgramData\UiPath\Projects folder whether it has any nupkg file in it or not

Cheers @jklein

@Palaniyappan I seem to have this issue on 2 computers which are connected to Orchestrator. The tray still shows no process available, but I am able to have a process execute from Orchestrator on this machine. The tray showed processes available yesterday on both machines and it suddenly changed this morning. There are nupkg files on both machines.

This seems to be related to this Feed error