No attachement saved outlook

Hi !

I am trying to save a document.

As you can see the logs say the file has been saved BUT when I check the folder is still empty… any idea of the reason?


Hi, @dalilasencha! Without knowing how exactly your are trying to save it, there’s not much we can help with. Can you please share some more information/other screenshots (such as that specific workflow part)?

Yes sure :

I am tring to save files attached from unread emails , as you can see there are 2 .

Hope you can help ! Thanks

Moreover as you can see , it seems that it detects one of the 2 emails containing a file attached : image ("test rpa 3 is the nam of the object of the email)
Do you know why do we have written “test rpa 3”?

Hi @dalilasencha,
From the screenshot I can see your condition is the wrong way around.
You can either swap the “Then” with the “Else”, or replace your condition by “Not mailattach.Any”.

Furthermore, the reason you have “” is that you probably have a “Write line” or “Log” activity with ‘message.toString’. Replace this by message.Subject and it should be more useful

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