Hello RPA Community!

I am currently having trouble with building a condition with 3 variables.

  1. No results were found (NoTreffer)
  2. 1 Result was found
  3. Several results were found (Viele Treffer)

My problem is here that I am not working with numbers or text boxes, but with “Element Exist” (images) and the activity I need to produce is Data Extraction.


Help would be greatly appreciated!

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Your question what is needed on help / not working is not fully clear.

Maybe you can share the URL with us so we can crosscheck as well.

In general we would suggest not to go in too much nested IF / else branches. In such cases we can alternate implement like:

Calculate the scenario / branch (1, kein, viele Treffer)
use switch activity and then jump to the dedicated implementation within the corresponding case

Hi There:

This is the URL of the Single Exception.
Somehow it is also not possible to extract data from a single result, as the rpa cannot builda pattern