Nice rpa help

Hi Guys,
Im trying to learn some activities in new program- NICE.
Im in love with UiPath, but i have to use NICE, its not my decision :smile:
Does sb have some project in NICE to share? Using and working in this app is horrible and I want to have some example…

Hi @Wojtek_Rogman

Thank you for your love towards UiPath. I am sure UiPath reciprocates the same :slight_smile:

But I guess NICE RPA official website might be a better option to search for your this particular query or if they have any such forum you should try asking there.

For any other UiPath related queries, the members of this community will surely be happy to help you to the best of their knowledge and capability.



HI @Wojtek_Rogman

I’m also trying to learn how to use the new program - NICE
But I have a trouble in this , I cannot find the path to download the app
would you like to tell me how to download the app