Nextlinkselector Proprerty In data scraping


I am trying to scrape multiple page data from a site but it is not having a next button. So i am trying to manipulate the “Nextlinkselector” property to make it read all pages data.

like below :

webctrl aaname=“+Counter_PO.ToString+” parentid=‘dtBasicExample_paginate’ tag=‘A’

here Counter_Po is a counter variable that is increasing by 1 in the loop…
but i am not able to achieve the objective,

Please help me if it is possible like this or not. anyway i have tried other alternative like click the listing 1,2,3 page based on counter vriable, but eager to know this solution

Thank in advance :slight_smile:

Hi, Renu!

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I think you are missed single quotes

webctrl aaname=‘“+Counter_PO.ToString+”‘ parentid=‘dtBasicExample_paginate’ tag=‘A’

But I’m not exactly sure)

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Hi Sergey,

yes, you are right, it is working after adding single quotes…

Thanks for your quick response :slight_smile:

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You are welcome!) Please click the “solution” button if the error is resolved)


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