Next row in datatable

Hello community i’m facing a problem, i have a for each row so inside it the are some conditionals nested so i want to end the proces os a row where a condition is not true but i dont know how to end in a specific point to next row i let my code here and inside i left a comment that say "here ! here ! " where i want to end that process a go next row

Main.xaml (13.7 KB)

is there any activity that end that proces? when i use break just stop alll process

@naotosx ,
In for each loop, when you met a condition and wants to come out of that loop, then put break activity next to that…

Let me know if any issue.


i’m using a for each row no for each loop so if i use the activity for each loop an change the typeargument to there is an error

(MiDTCiclo) is my datatable

Break works with for each row also…
Or if you want to use for each loop, change the value to MiDTCiclo.Rows and change the type of item to datarow.