Next page button not working as expected

Hi everybody.

Im using data scrapping in UIpath to extract information from the following website:

It works fine in the first page, but when it goes to the second page, it goes back and forth between page 1 and page 2. I tried to tweak some values with UI selector but I had no luck with it.

Could someone more knowledgeable than me give me a hand with this ?
Here is the file im using at the moment.
Test.xaml (8.7 KB)

Thanks in advance!

Hi @tsielk,

Please, uptade “NextLinkSelector” property of activity “Extract Structured Data 'DIV td-outer-wrap” to…

"<html app='chrome.exe' title='Crimen organizado Archives - *Fiscalía General de la Nación' /><webctrl parentid='td-outer-wrap' tag='I' class='td-icon-menu-right' />"

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Hi @tsielk
Check with this selector for nextpage in extarct structured data activity

"<webctrl parentid='td-outer-wrap' tag='I' class='td-icon-menu-right' />"

Hope it helps you

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Nived N
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Hi, tried your solution and worked like a charm. Could you please explain how you came up with this solution ? I would like to learn :heart:


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Hi @tsielk,

Glad it helped you :slight_smile:


I noticed that when the page was opened on the first page, the value of title attribute was ‘Crimen organizado Archives - Fiscalía General de la Nación’.

Then, when I went to the second page, it changed to ‘Crimen organizado Archives - page 2 of 116 - Fiscalía General de la Nación’.

So, the trick here is make it works for all cases. And how we do that?

We can use wildcards. When we use asterisk(*) in selectors, it means that can be zero or a sequence of characters in its place. There is another wildcard too, it is question mark (?). This one replaces a single character.

Also, I used UI Explorer to remove unwanted attributes, such as css. And to add reliable ones, such as class=‘td-icon-menu-right’

You can go through RPA Developer Foundation course. There is a lesson there that explains how to work with Selectors.

Anyway, feel free to ask something else.

Best Regards

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