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I am new in the UI Path, need some help to automate a manual task.

Billed and Net amount need to be updated in another excel by searching No’s.
I used For each row-find from excel activities to find No’s position/cell index (A2,A3, etc.) in 2nd excel. both excel can not be sorted so position can be any where. I need to know how i can place Billed and Net amount in next to cell of No in 2nd excel.

Variable “Position” data type used as String and when placing +1 to update the value in next cell. getting error. Please help.



Hello @Soumya_Chatterjee

For Each Row (in First Excel)

Read data from the current row
No = row("No").ToString();
Billed = row("Billed").ToString();
NetAmount = row("Net Amount").ToString();

Find the row in the second Excel file based on "No"
Position = FindNoInSecondExcel(No);

Update "Billed" and "Net Amount" in the second Excel file
WriteToSecondExcel(Position, Billed, NetAmount);

Thanks & Cheers!!!

can you please show me the process in a flow, like i have in screenshot. new to coding :frowning: :slightly_frowning_face:


Hi @Soumya_Chatterjee

Please find the below xaml for your reference (72.0 KB)

Hope this helps!!

Hi @Soumya_Chatterjee

You can use this simple method of Vlookup to get this done

Use the Vlookup activity

Find attached the flow for your ref: (16.2 KB)

You can also watch this video this explains beautifully how the vlookup works.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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