Newtonsoft.Json package conflicts

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Hoping you can help.

We use the GSuite activites heavily and the latest package 1.4.2 comes with some very helpful features however it also has a dependancy on Newtonsoft.Json 12.0.3.

We have found that if you have different versions of Newtonsoft.Json you get several errors at runtime, see below:

Unfortunately there is a core package that still uses Newtonsoft.Json 11.0.2:

The issue seems to be related also to us using a custom Library with it’s own dependancies - all of which are using the latest versions available to us.

Please help!

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Running into the same issue. In my case I have GSuite.Activities 1.5.1 and UIAutomation.Activities 20.4.2. GSuite is using Newtonsoft.Json 12.0.3 and UIAutomation is using Newtonsoft.Json 11.0.02.

I get an error when using the Deserialize JSON activity. If I uninstall GSuite.Activites, the error goes away.

Have you found a solution yet?

Was able to remove the error by downgrading GSuite to 1.3.1