Newbie! Context menu for expression variable does not contain all available options

I am going through the first training course on UiPath Studio. Everything was going fine until I got to the Switch exercise. I couldn’t get it so I downloaded the answer to see what I was doing wrong. When I type item. it only shows 4 options for the string variable in my Sequence. When I use the one I downloaded from the training, delete the line and type item. I get the whole list of options for strings. I have looked through this forum and compared the two sequences, along with every option under the Home tab and can’t find any differences. Please help! Here are the screen shots so hopefully this all makes sense. And THANK YOU in advance!!!

Hi! Could you please share a simple workflow with your problem?

Did you check the TypeArgument property of the Switch activity to validate if it is set to String?

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You are brilliant! The TypeArgument property type for the Switch activity was String, but it wasn’t for the For Each Loop the Switch was located in.

It is working! Thank you SO much!

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