Newbe can't get Data Scraping wizard to work

I am brand new to UIPATH so I am sure I am just missing something easy; here goes -
New project - Data Scraping wizard → Select Element → laptops |ebay
It won’t let me select an element of the page - the whole page is blue.

Everything I have read indicates when I hit that [next] button I should be able to select an element of the page…
Thanks in advance for your help…


You need to indicate any of the product details and then it will show.

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That is absolutely what I am expecting; and I see that in the IE header. I can highlight the URL, the Search box, the Tab, the menu items, no problem. But no matter where I move the cursor on the body of the page, it never isolates to an element, it just shows the whole body in blue.

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I am actually working on a practice in the Level 1 Developer training. Lesson 5 Practice 1. I have been thru the lessons, the outline, the walkthrough and the answers, but none of them seems to address this issue.

Are you working on a internet explorer inside a windows server? maybe you have enhanced protection enabled…


Typing “laptops” in the search field will not be a part of Data Scraping.
The Data Scraping wizard should be used to select structured data.


Keep the page open with laptop in the search (like the screenshot specified).

In the Sequence use an Attach Browser and highlight the window.

Now use a Data scraping wizard and select:

and click Next.
For the Pattern (Select Second Element):

DELL Latitude Laptop 14.1 …

Then Click Next and then Click OK

It does appear to be an IE security setting. I tried on my personal laptop and it works just as expected. Thanks

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Sowmya - Thanks for your thoughts. It does look like it is a problem with my security settings. I was able to get it to work on another machine.

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