New Way Of Saving Or Exporting A File From SAP After Updating UiAutomation Package

Is there a new way of saving or exporting a file from SAP after updating UiAutomation package to 20.4.1 or later version?

Workflow Logic:

  1. Robot logs into SAP
  2. Type in the T-CODE (for example, ME2L)
  3. Click on few buttons to complete the transactions
  4. Click on button to "Export"
  5. Once the Export button is clicked, popup appears where to the save the files.

Here, two scenarios are considered,

Scenario #1: A new pop-up appears if the UiPath.UiAutomation.Activities is greater than 19.11.3

Scenario #2: If UiPath.UiAutomation.Activities is 19.11.3, the old pop-up of saving a file is shown.

UiPath provides the new "Save as..." spreadsheet which is more intuitive for automation.

In other words, it is not like a human interaction when need to search for a Folder, navigate to a specific path. The export spreadsheet is more stable and reliable.

Why the change ?

As UiPath has become SAP certified solution and requires to do the automation in a proper way (scripting mode).

Check the below information on

  1. About SAP WinGUI Automation
  2. SAP Certified Solutions Directory .