NEW Update! UiPath Academy Learning Plan: RPA Developer Advanced

:rocket: We are excited to have released this updated version of the RPA Developer Advanced Learning Plan based on your feedback.

:star: What are the highlights? :star:

  • It consists of 9 courses with a total duration of 38 hours, all of them built with the 2020.10 version of Studio and Orchestrator . Each of the courses can be accessed independently on Academy.

  • In-depth ReFramework coverage: More videos to explain each state, transition and mechanism of ReFramework, development checklists, and customization options for tabular and linear data.

  • New advanced features for production-ready automations : We’re including here new courses to cover concepts like background processes, triggers, Picture-in-Picture, and so on.

  • Improved learning experience: The learning plan is reorganized for a better just-in-time learning experience and is closely aligned with the UiPath Advanced RPA Developer Certification.

For Q&A please check the FAQ document attached.

Access the learning plan here and spread the word ! :rocket:

RPA-Developer-Advanced-2020.10-Release-FAQ.pdf (301.3 KB)

Happy learning!
Your Academy Team



Nice to see a dedicated course for UIARD Aspirants
Very useful


Welcome! Let me know if you have any thoughts on the latest update. We need all the feedback we can get in order to improve and deliver the best content!

Thank you!

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