New Trial key expires 2 week?

My clients have installed a trial version and in the studio they show that the key expires in 2 weeks
they installed the studio 2018.1.1
is it some kind of mistake or what?
they did not request a trial license ever

@Kirill_Kubskiy if you have installed trail version u can extend trial once it expires.

Thank you for your answer
on the site it is written that its validity is 60 days
Should I renew it every two weeks ???

it is trial version with Studio 2018.1.1

@Kirill_Kubskiy u can renew which ever version it may be.

u have to renew it, otherwise u can’t use the uipath

on 2018.2???

@Kirill_Kubskiy U can renew any trial version freely.

usually I installed a key, it was written there for 8 weeks and everything is available, either I like it or not
now I can not understand anything
Do I need to renew every two weeks ???

@Kirill_Kubskiy trial version period is for 2 or 3 months. You have to renew license after that period everytime not in every 2 weeks.


shows two weeks, and I received this code an hour ago

@Kirill_Kubskiy In your trial period 2 months if i considered, already 6 weeks are over 2 weeks left in that 8 weeks(2 months) trial period.

Code received today
to this day no one has requested it

@Kirill_Kubskiy uipath automatically detects trial period duration and shows you message based on it. No need need to request it.

I am facing the same issues and still don’t understand.

Thank you for your reply
You also received a code for a company that never asked for it. And there from the very beginning the term expires in 2 weeks?

I don’t know. but what I did is I used a new email to get a new license and got only two weeks.

Did you receive this email today?

No, I don’t. I confuse. why i suppose to receive email?

no, you misunderstood me
I TODAY requested a trial version
when did you do it?