New training: security training: error blank page

I received an email today with a new training. Security training. I can enroll the training, but when i want to start learning, im getting a blank page.
In my course catalog it says it is in progress, but i can’t start it. Are more people experiencing this and what can i/we do about it?
see the screenshots.
browsers tried: Firefox, IE, Chrome, Opera. They all have the same issue

I am the owner for this course on the Academy side.
From the screenshot you provided, it seems to me that you have your pop-up blocker enabled.
Could you please disable it, refresh the page and try again.
Also, I would recommend clearing the cache.
If none of the above works, let me know, and I will investigate further.

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Hi Alin,
Thx for the reply. I tried with different browsers. Only in chrome i have a popup blocker. But the trainings don’t run in a new window, so the popup blocker isn’t used. I indeed cleared my cache and history to see if that could be the problem. Chrome is indeed known of issues like this. I had the same issue on my laptop.

Other trainings are running fine, just this one gave me problems.

After several tries (flush dns, clear cache, history several times, logging of > logging on again.
i finally got it working on IE only. The player tried to load several times, but i got the blank page everytime. The fourth time i finally got the course in my page…

Since the layout of the trainings have changed to the new design they aren’t loaded piece by piece, but they only show on your page when the complete page is loaded. I had the blank pages before, but this one didn’t want to solve.

Will continu this one on IE for now.

Thx again for the quick reply

Hi @jvanmarion, @Alin_Andronache

I have just finished Security training using chrome and in my case I did not have any problem with the course catalog.

Best Regards,

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i think it might be an issue somewhere on my end. I finished the course in IE though. Nice refreshing course. Looking forward to the next one.

@Susana. Nice to see you didn’t had the issue. So its an issue on my end.

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@jvanmarion Super happy that you managed to complete the course.
Also, thank you for the kind feedback.
@Susana Many thanks for your input on this. Highly appreciated.

Happy automation to both of you :slight_smile:


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