New training materials may need some revision

I really enjoy the new training courses that you have made available more recently. However, there seem to be some inconsistencies or mistakes visible in the materials, e.g. the DSD template in RPA Implementation Methodology Training still contains some comments regarding spelling and spaces.
In addition, what could be more important, it appears that your approach towards suggested process documentation has changed, what is clearly visible when to compare UiPath Automation Best Practice Guide 04 24022017 and 05 25012018, where page 28 contains now “Documenting the process - DSD” instead of “Documenting the process - SDD, PDI”. The problem is that the training materials still use SDD in numerous places, omitting the role of DSD - e.g. please see the training movie “3. Implementation Methodology - Preparation”, or “4. Design, Build, Test”, where SDS is mentioned in the process, but then the instruction that follows states “Please open the Development Specification Document available in the Course Documentation folder” - some screen prints are shown below.

I hope this all helps somehow - and apologies for my English :slight_smile:


You should post this under Idea…

Hi, I have posted this under “Product Improvements”, as I am not proposing anything new, just suggesting a revision of the currently available materials.

The version available in “RPA Implementation Methodology Training” is simply an unfinished product. I’m guessing someone forgot to update the file to the new, finished version.

This one contains comments, the tables are missing headers, and chapter 7 contains the glossary, there is no chapter 8 (as referred to in the course)

Hopefully we’ll be able to download the finished document soon, since i’m using these templates to build my own documents right now.

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