New to UIPath and while using trial, there is an error executing a message box


This is my first time using UIPath Studio (enterprise trial) and while following the training videos, I immediately got an error just from executing the message box action. It told me to check the logs but i cant seem to find the logs matching the time a got the error.


Can you help us with more details of the error.
Screenshot of the error from the Output panel and the activity will help

Is this what you need?


16:06:19.6368 => [ERROR] [UiPath.Studio.exe] [1] System.IO.IOException: Cannot locate resource ‘themes/icons.xaml’.
at MS.Internal.AppModel.ResourcePart.GetStreamCore(FileMode mode, FileAccess access)
at System.IO.Packaging.PackagePart.GetStream(FileMode mode, FileAccess access)
at System.IO.Packaging.PackWebResponse.CachedResponse.GetResponseStream()
at System.IO.Packaging.PackWebResponse.GetResponseStream()
at System.IO.Packaging.PackWebResponse.get_ContentType()
at MS.Internal.WpfWebRequestHelper.GetContentType(WebResponse response)
at MS.Internal.WpfWebRequestHelper.GetResponseStream(WebRequest request, ContentType& contentType)
at System.Windows.ResourceDictionary.set_Source(Uri value)
at UiPath.Studio.Plugin.Workflow.Services.ActivityIconFinder.GetResourceDictionary(String assemblyName) in D:\a\1\s\Studio\UiPath.Studio.Plugin.Workflow\Services\ActivityIconFinder.cs:line 101


@lvcataluna I think you changed Main xaml file to other name can you please change xaml file to Main and see

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Actually its still MAIN

What is there is your message box?

yes thats my message box and i put in a sample text to be displayed. i was just following the training video

Can u show your message (Screenshot) that you have written in your message box?

i think i got it. i messed up the quotations for the text. i didnt notice the error icon since it was in blue. sorry im still used to the outsystems studio.

thanks for your help!

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All the best, Let us know if you need any help