New to Ui Path and the RPA space

I am very new to Ui Path tool and installed “Community Edition”. It came as a exe file and showing that this version will expire in 12 weeks. Not sure whether I have to renew the s/w after 12 weeks or I am not going to use this version after 12 weeks. Can someone please tell me whether this trail version is unexpired one or not? Also, I would like to keep my hands dirty and for that how to start using this version to learn the concepts? Please let me know.
Ravi Kumar.

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Start with the Academy and their free courses (the advanced course just got extended until June). UiPath CE can be renewed after your license expired. The trial, which is a fully-featured version of UiPath, expires after 60 days. The differences are described here.

Note that going back to CE from trial (i.e. Enterprise) requires you to use a different machine (ID) as described here: Get community edition after trial


Perfect. Thanks for the reply.