New to UI Path - advise required

Hi there,
I have been using visual basic advance (VBA) to do some heavy word processing.

  1. Resize word image to fix certain sizes
  2. Standardize the table format - header row bold, shading grey
  3. Convert a bullet format to table format

Or am I better off using VBA?

Also, it is possible to use UIPath as a schedule process to monitor the changes in the website.

I have recently attended a UI path coursework, some feedback for UIPath:

  1. Can close the chrome.exe processes when the browser is open
  2. Can maximize the windows of the applications
  3. When reading from excel spreadsheet,
    it is possible to open up and select the column instead of entering manually

Feedback for UIPath features:

  1. Is it possible to show an expanded view instead of double click to show
  2. When selecting on button like Home, Down, is it possible to show it is being typed in or something
  3. Can export as an .exe files

For the certification? How much does it cost, is it an MCQ version?
What is the purpose of UIPath Orchestrator?

We are happy to welcome new community members! UiPath is based on .NET framework so you can choose to work with VB or C#. Any way most of development work is done by using visual design by adding and setting up the activities that represent your automation workflow.

Most of your questions are answered (and many others) in RPA Developer Foundation course. I strongly suggest you to complete it:

Anyway feel free to ask any question you have.


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Welcome to forums

Multiple question in one forums which is not a good one, check below for the answers

For this you can try with UiPath.Word.Activities package and check if those are Satifying your requirement, Else still you can import your VBA inside the UiPath workflow using Invoke VBA activity

As @dokumentor said it’s recommended to go to and enroll for the course details

Currently UiPath didn’t support this feature

For Certification it is recommended to visit
There you have all the info like cost, Types of exams available, Practice exam to see how the actual exam looks like

You can check below link

Hope this will help you


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Hi A O, as pointed by Gabriel Marin, most of your questions will be answered if you go through the RPA Developer Foundation course, which is the fastest and easiest way for you to know about UiPath as a starter. Of course, you are welcome to post your question in Forum if you encounter any technical question.