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Hello, guys, I’m currently studying the first level at the academy. I use google translate for portuguese. After the new version this function has stopped working. Does anyone have a solution for this?



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Hello guys!

I use the close caption a lot. I noticed she got very small. Could they increase in size?



Hi Mauro, I checked for Chrome translate and it is working. maybe you need to reload the page.
Please use this form in case you encounter any issue.
Happy learning!
UiPath Academy Team


Hi, Andra! Thanks for your attention! Let me explain. When I watch the Academy videos I activate the Google Chrome extension, blue icon, and the caption was translated simultaneously. After the new version this translation stopped working. Already start a new section and it still does not work.



Sorry for bumping this relatively old topic, but I can attest to this.

From what I tested, when using the Google Translator Extension to translate the current page, if the video is being played from the “legacy” platform the translation works perfectly, but if the material is being played from the SCORM platform, the caption isn’t translated.

Are there any plans or initiatives to translate the subtitles? I believe that the community could even help and accelerate this.

Best regards,

Vinicius Marques

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