New tenant created and unable to see the Robot menu

There is a new tenant created and we are unable to see the Robot menu. Could you please help me to get the Robot option. Please find attached screenshot.

You have to go to the “Tenant” level.

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These menus are appearing on Folder level

In the left side of you drag a bit you might see folders and tenants

Click on tenants so that you can see robot option
as robot is a tenant entity

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Thanks for your reply…
In the already existing tenant I can see the robots option in the first page itself without clicking on tenant. Please find the screenshot.

Kindly note the differences of Classic / Modern folders
Your screenshot with default folder is a classic folder, therfore you can see the Robot menue item


Is it possible to change folder from modern option to classic?

In October 2021, we announced the deprecation of classic folders.

In April 2022, we announced their removal.

In October 2022, we launched a wizard which assists in the migration of classic folder objects to modern folders, while keeping the existing structures and hierarchies.

So ideally it is nor possible to convert from modern to classic even in community edition but the vice versa is possible.


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we would recommend, shifting/staying with modern folders

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Hope it’s clarified
If yes
Would recommend to close this topic

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