New Set Form Values or Show Form Activities: Unable to populate dynamic/runtime data to Dropdown Component


I hope I’m not missing something or doing something wrong. I’m unable to populate the Dropdown component with values generated at runtime using the Set Form Values or Show Form Activity.

When the form is launched, this is the result:

This is the Form Setup:

The Widget type is retained at the default ChoicesJS selection.

This Field key is referenced in the Set Form Values Activities in the next section:

Attended Automation - Set Form or Show Form Activities Setup

  • Passing in a List of values to the selectItems field key setup in the form as above :point_up_2:
  • On a related note, I’ve tried a simple array as well.


Hi @AndyMenon

It is possible when we use Set Assets Method,

Get the Output value which need to shown in Drop down → Convert List and Set the value to asset and Finally you can call the Form which will have all values.

Thanks in advance,
Jayavignesh G

Hey @Jayavignesh_G ,

Can we do this in the new 2023Forms framework ?

What object does Set Asset Method belongs to?

Thank you!

Hi @AndyMenon ,

Can we obtained the Ouput, we have set the String value as , (Comma) Sepator into Asset and after getting the value convert into “List”. Uisng List we can easily interact with UiPath Form.

Let me try to create a sample flow and post here.

Jayavignesh G